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“I can recommend HomeRun because it makes communication and information effective”

Raksystems (HSSR Oy)
“I can warmly recommend. HomeRun clarifies complex process ”

Lehto Remontit Oy
“HomeRun helps us every day, both in the office and on the constuction site.”

Bravida Finland Oy
“With our new digital services, we can better inspire our customers and meet the needs of both the consumer planning a turnkey bathroom renovation and the professional seeking special training. Reliability, total service, clarity and ease of use are key. ”

Laattapiste Oy
“Thanks to HomeRun, information is in one place and requests for quotations, offers, room cards and conversations are not lost in email. HomeRun employees get help as soon as a problem is encountered and people are very problem-oriented. ”

“With HomeRun, we are able to handle all modifications and customer service with a single employee.”

Respect Project Oy

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