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HomeRun is a digital tool for new and renovation construction that makes working with building projects more efficient, keeps schedules under control, reduces errors and makes all parties extremely happy.

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The whole project is always up to date

HomeRun gathers all project information, people and discussions on one platform. Schedules, plans, and other materials are always up-to-date in the cloud, easy to find, update, and share.

All resident communication and informing in one place

Conduct resident discussions and information in one channel. The conversations that have taken place will continue to be found in Homerun, and no information will sink into the depths of an individual’s emails. You can easily send newsletters to residents via email, text message and letter.

Increase material sales profitably

With HomeRun, you make it easier for residents to choose materials and cut back on most of the manual work involved. Residents can make their choice directly in the tool, where you can get e.g. automatically completed quantity calculations and order lists. Thanks to our supplier register, adding and maintaining products in the online service is effortless.


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