Increase sales with industry-leading companies

  • Enriched product information serves all parties
  • Make sure your products are displayed in high quality
  • Increase sales and make it easier for the construction business to buy just your products

What if you could increase material sales in condominium projects with less workload? is a digital service for construction projects and has been developed since 2012 together with the best companies in the industry.

Suppliers have the opportunity to add their own products to the HomeRun product register. In this way, the contractor and end customers always have access to enriched product information with high-quality images.

It is important for customers that suppliers provide high-quality product images with background information. This gives the homeowner a good impression of both the contractor and the supplier.

Enriched and high-quality product information significantly facilitates the work of the construction company.


  • The service has been used in more than 4,000 housing association projects
  • Our customers have made additional sales of more than 100 million. directly with residents. In addition to this, our customers have made significantly more sales directly to condominiums. These products are also selected in HomeRun so-called. as contract products.
  • Our residents have accepted tens of thousands of apartment cards. More than 15,000 apartment cards have included additional sales.
  • About 600 new residents log in to HomeRun every month to make material choices.

Sell ​​more

Our customers prefer suppliers who are members of our supplier register. Make your product readily available with a service that involves more than 100 construction companies.

Serve better

The role of customer service is growing in all areas to a larger role over time. Your customers will be more satisfied when you save tens of hours of working time for your customer company’s employees by adding products with enriched product information to the service.

Take care of your brand

The visibility of your product is the visibility for you. When you create good product information in the supplier register and add representative images, you ensure that the presentation of your product on is quite high quality and representative. is fast growing and the largest in the Nordic countries
a service provider focusing on housing project communication and shareholder change.